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  • Csaba

    Hi Silvia,


    Hope you are doing well and thanks for reaching out to us.


    As discussed in the support ticket, the Polymesh Dashboard counts your total balance minus 10 POLYX as the maximum you can stake. You may need the 10 POLYX to edit your stake, or unstake. If you stake your entire balance, i.e. leaving 0 POLYX in your wallet, you will not be able to perform transactions like editing your stake, or unstaking.
    More information on staking can be found at this article: Staking on Polymesh
    You can edit or stake your maximum amount with the Polymesh Polkadot app by following this guide: How to stake with the Polymesh App


    If you have any further question please let us know.


    Kind regards,

    - The Polymesh Team


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